Shyam Chakraborty

Shyam is the founder of Trinnect and Trinnect evolves from his experience as a Stage IV cancer survivor. He holds a D.Sc. from Aalto University and M. Tech. from IIT Delhi. He is also an ex- Senior Fellow (vanhempi tutkija) of Academy of Finland.

Petteri Laine

Petteri has years of software development experience in challenging R&D projects in the life sciences industry as well as project management and collaborative innovation. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and is enthusiastic about designing products that matter.

Antti Björn

Antti is a student of computer science at the Aalto University. In addition to technical challenges in e-healthcare he also has a keen interest in related usability issues.

Indranil Das

Indranil holds an MBBS degree from Calcutta University and is presently completing his Masters in Public Health from University of Eastern Finland.